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Organic products

100% italian ingredients

Natural and healthy ingredients, respecting human beings and the environment. Choosing organic products means adopting sustainable lifestyle and consumption patterns, to improve the quality of life and invest in the future of our planet. Our organic products are 100% natural and each ingredient comes from supply chains exclusively using natural substances (free from fertilizers, herbicides, chemical preservatives and drugs). Zini has always been true to this philosophy: achieving top quality, focusing on environmental protection in every stage of production.

Ravioli Zini

Ravioli Bio

Kings of egg pasta, ravioli are the shape that best represents the tradition of…

Fagottini Zini

Fagottini Bio

An original shape that immediately gives a good mood and satisfies everyone’s…

Tortelloni Zini

Tortelloni Bio

An original made-by-Zini shape, with no hole and big in size, which can contain…

Fusilli Zini

Fusilli Bio

The cork-screw-like shape guarantees a perfect symbiosis with the condiments.…

Pennette di grano duro italiano

Pennette Bio

Cooked and frozen, Pennette are ready in 1 minute in hot water or steamed and…

Sedanini di grano duro italiano

Sedanini Bio

Cooked and frozen, Sedanini are ready in 1 minute in hot water or steamed and…

Orecchiette di grano duro italiano

Orecchiette Bio

A pasta shape coming from the ancient culinary tradition of the Italian region…

Gnocchetti sardi Bio

Gnocchetti sardi Bio

Ready in one minute in boiling water or steamed, Zini Gnocchetti sardi Bio can…

Fusilloni di farro integrale Bio

Fusilloni di farro integrale Bio

Extra size, ‘al dente’ texture and high sauce absorption.

Pennette integrali Bio

Pennette integrali Bio

Ready in one minute, light and digestible. Zini whole wheat organic pasta…

Gnocchi di patate

Gnocchi di patate Bio

100% Italian durum wheat, potatoes, a pinch of salt and nothing more... only…

Organic sauces

100% gluten free

Pesto basilico genovese Dop

Pesto Bio

All the flavor of fresh basil and pine nuts for this simple and versatile pesto…

Salsa pomodoro e basilico

Pomodoro e basilico Bio

This sauce has all the flavor of tomato, joined to the scent of basil: for a…

Ragù alla bolognese

Ragù alla bolognese Bio

This must from the Italian tradition needs no introduction. Our Ragù alla…

Crema ai formaggi

Crema ai formaggi Bio

A mild taste and creamy texture for this formaggi cream, also suitable as a…

Salsa Amatriciana Zini

Amatriciana Bio

Recipe based on tomato and browned bacon, for a first course with a robust and…

Crema ai porcini Zini

Crema ai porcini Bio

A mild taste and creamy texture for this porcini cream, also suitable as a base…

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