Milano Pasta Collection

Filled pasta

100% Italian durum wheat and Italian fresh barn eggs

Top selection, designed for special events. Eye-catching shapes and fillings stem from research and creativity, using selected raw materials. Milano Pasta collection is Zini flagship.

Agnolotti filled pasta Zini


Agnolotti are one of the great classics of Italian regional cuisine. Zini’s are…

Sorrisi Zini


Having a shape immediately leading to good mood, Sorrisi® have always appeared…

Stelle filled pasta Zini


Round shaped and decorated on their edge, Stelle are really capacious. Zini’s…

Vele filled pasta Zini


With their unusual and elegant triangular shape, Vele® catch the eye making…

Regali filled pasta Zini


Their unprecedented sizeable rectangular shape makes Regali® highly…

Noirs filled pasta Zini


Enticing with their intense black colour, due to natural cuttlefish ink added…

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