Le Salse Collection


100% gluten free

As tasty as freshly made, Zini sauces are IQF patented products. Small frozen flakes, ready to become thick, fresh and genuine homemade-like sauces. Practical, easy to be portioned and mixed, Zini sauces are completely natural, preservative and gluten free.

Pesto basilico genovese Dop

Pesto con basilico genovese dop

All the flavor of fresh basil and pine nuts for this simple and versatile pesto…

Salsa pomodoro e basilico

Pomodoro e basilico

This sauce has all the flavor of tomato, joined to the scent of basil: for a…

Ragù alla bolognese

Ragù alla bolognese

This must from the Italian tradition needs no introduction. Our Ragù alla…

Crema ai formaggi

Crema ai formaggi

A mild taste and creamy texture for this formaggi cream, also suitable as a…

Salsa Amatriciana Zini


Recipe based on tomato and browned bacon, for a first course with a robust and…

Carbonara sauce Zini


A velvety texture and flavor for Carbonara sauce traditional Italian recipe,…

Crema ai porcini Zini

Crema ai porcini

A mild taste and creamy texture for this porcini cream, also suitable as a base…

Ragù di mare Zini

Ragù di mare

Its decisive and aromatic flavor gives off an intense smell of the sea with…

Cacio e pepe

Cacio e pepe is one of the most iconic Italian pasta recipes. Tasty and creamy,…