Smart Pasta Collection

Filled pasta

All the flavour of simple recipes and Italian raw materials

New 2 Kg pack

Quality, convenience and competitiveness: these are the ingredients of Zini Smart collection, specifically designed to meet the numerous needs of food service. Zini offers a range of products made using 100% Italian top quality raw materials, which exclusively come from controlled supply chains.

Ravioli Zini


Kings of egg pasta, ravioli are the shape that best represents the tradition of…

Raviolini Zini


Smaller than ravioli, raviolini are the classic shape to be enjoyed with stock.

Tortellini Zini


A legend of the gastronomic tradition of Emilia Romagna. Even a Confraternity…

Tortelloni Zini


An original made-by-Zini shape, with no hole and big in size, which can contain…

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