Agnolotti 7 formaggi


The proverbial quality of Zini’s fresh egg pasta blends with a filling that contains all the major Italian cheeses: a veritable orchestra of flavours, balanced and with no overwhelming character, designed for those who love strong, well-defined tastes.

Free-range hens’ eggs exclusively coming from Italian farms.

Reheating procedure

• 2′ in boiling water
• 3′ in a pan
• 6′ in traditional oven

Try this recipe

Agnolotti ai 7 formaggi con crema di borragine e pinoli.

• Zini Agnolotti ai 7 formaggi
• 500 g borage
• 1 clove of garlic
• 50 g pine nuts
• 2 leaves of fresh mint
• Extra virgin olive oil

Wash the borage leaves and toss in a pan with a little oil, with mint leaves and garlic. Remove the garlic and blend until creamy. Cook Agnolotti ai 7 formaggi in salted water, drain and dress with the cream. Add a little oil and pine nuts toasted in the oven.

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