Agnolotti ai porcini


Two discs of egg pasta hide a soft and creamy heart, dominated by the unmistakable flavor of mushrooms, also present in small pieces. The work is completed by the addition of mascarpone cheese, for an irresistible result.

Free-range hens’ eggs exclusively coming from Italian farms.

Reheating procedure

• 2′ in boiling water
• 3′ in a pan
• 6′ in traditional oven

Try this recipe

Agnolotti ai Porcini (mushroom) with turbot and shallot sauce.

• Zini Agnolotti ai Porcini
• Turbot
• Shallot
• Cream
• Bay leaves
• Garlic
• Thyme
• Extra virgin olive oil

Clean, fillet and cut the turbot into cubes. Thoroughly wash spine and head, boil with shallot, garlic and thyme to obtain stock. Parboil shallot in water and season with oil and bay leaves, add cream and the stock. Boil for approximately 30 minutes and filter. Brown turbot cubes in oil, garlic and thyme. Cook Agnolotti ai Porcini, drain and stir fry with the shallot sauce. Finish the dish with roasted turbot and thyme tufts.

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