Sorrisi® al basilico


All the aroma and flavor of the Ligurian basil for a genuine tribute to the Mediterranean tradition. Basil is present in small scales also in the paste, which is dotted with green. Simply to try.

Free-range hens’ eggs exclusively coming from Italian farms.

Reheating procedure

• 2′ in boiling water
• 3′ in a pan
• 6′ in traditional oven

Try this recipe

Sorrisi al Basilico (basil) with clam sauce and lime.

• Zini Sorrisi al Basilico
• 500 g local clams
• 1 clove of garlic
• 100 g tomato pulp
• Parsley
• Basil
• 1 lime
• Extra virgin olive oil

Clean sand out of clams using fresh water and a little coarse salt. Cook for some minutes in a pan with oil, garlic, parsley and tomato pulp. Once the clams have been thoroughly cleaned, stir fry in a pan, then remove garlic and parsley. Cook Sorrisi al Basilico in salted water, drain and season with the sauce. Finish with some basil leaves and some grated lime peel.

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