Stelle ai carciofi trifolati


A perfect balance of flavors, suspended between the bitter notes of artichoke and the sweetness of egg pasta, a light proposal and delicate.

Free-range hens’ eggs exclusively coming from Italian farms.

Reheating procedure

• 2′ in boiling water
• 3′ in a pan
• 6′ in traditional oven

Try this recipe

Stelle ai Carciofi Trifolati (artichoke cooked in olive oil, parsley and garlic) with Jerusalem artichoke, black truffle and foie gras.

• Zini Stelle ai Carciofi e Mascarpone
• Shallot
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Vegetable stock
• Jerusalem artichoke
• Black truffle
• Foie gras

Season shallot with oil and add the Jerusalem artichoke peeled and cut into cubes. Add salt and pepper and vegetable stock. Cook for 30 minutes and blend until creamy. Cook Stelle ai Carciofi Trifolati in salted water for two minutes. Drain and stir fry in a pan with the seasoning. Add foie gras cut into cubes and browned in a pan. Finish with sliced black truffle and serve.

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