Stelle al salmone e aneto


A large size and high-impact format encloses a filling where the sweet and all-enveloping notes of salmon are accompanied by the aromatic flavor of dill, for a result that’s perfectly balanced and surprising at the same time.

Free-range hens’ eggs exclusively coming from Italian farms.

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• 2′ in boiling water
• 3′ in a pan
• 6′ in traditional oven

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Stelle al Salmone e Aneto (salmon and dill) with creamed leeks and pink peppercorn.

• Zini Stelle al Salmone e Aneto
• 300 g leeks
• 10 pink peppercorn grains
• 50 g butter
• 100 g fresh (stracchino or crescenza) cheese
• Extra virgin olive oil

Clean and cut leeks (only the lighter-coloured part) into thin slices. Stir in a pan with a little oil, adding a little water if needed and leaving the lid on. Leeks must become soft and almost creamy. Remove the lid and let dry, add cheese and mix using a spoon until creamy.
Cook Stelle al Salmone e Aneto in salted water, drain and season with butter melted in a pan with a little water. Place a little leek cream in a dish, then add Stelle and finish with a pinch of pink peppercorn crushed in a mortar.

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