Perfect risotto

in few minutes.

Risidoro is Zini brand-new concept allowing to prepare excellent risotto in few minutes, as real chefs do. Its protagonist is Carnaroli Rice, a special variety of thick-grain rice, which does not overcook and perfectly absorbs seasonings and sauces.

Carnaroli Certified Quality

Zini exclusively uses 100% Italian Carnaroli rice with guarantee of origin: each lot code reports the relevant district of origin and farm. All rice coming from the “Riso e Rane” rural district including several farms located in the Ticino Park ( is of local origin for Zini (all farms are located at a maximum distance of 15 km).

Risotto has never been so easy to cook.

Risidoro® is precooked IQF rice, frozen grain by grain, which makes it perfect to prepare al dente and creamy risotto in few minutes. It is best revived in a pan (in 90 to 180 seconds depending on the pan or hot plate used). Risidoro is ideal for any rice-based recipes: just add it at the end and avoid difficulties and long cooking times.


Easy to cook